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"This journey has always been about reaching your own other shore no matter what it is, and that dream continues.” – Diana Nyad

I've spent my adult years traveling the world with my daughter and putting my Cultural Anthropology skills to use by examining how other cultures and people around the world lead fulfilling and meaningful lives through collective cultural values.  

By facing the fears and obstacles of international travel with a child, I've learned that much of what holds us back are the stories we conjure up in our minds. By breaking free from limiting beliefs of our own potential, we can become the masterful guides of our own lives.  

Coming soon and in the works are opportunities to travel internationally with me and my partners in ways that benefit both you and the communities visited. 

The opportunity to take ourselves and even our children out of daily routines and create holistic, loving self-care rituals with a journey into the soul by exploring a new area of the globe and its people with other courageous souls is a priceless gift.  

Stay Tuned!

If you'd like updates as this offering develops, or are interested in how to travel meaningfully with your family, please fill out the form below. Happiest trails to you & yours!

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