One-on-One Mindset Coaching

8-Week Session


During this in-depth, 8 week coaching journey together, we’ll discover what exactly it is that you’re wanting to bring forth in your life, what’s predominantly holding you back, and a plan of actionable, realistic, and powerful tools to move you into your next chapter of life.

Guiding you with well-tested tools and exercises that focus on discovering your unique strengths, we will work together to create a strategy for moving through change and opening to transformation.

Our highest goal will be to leave you with a new set of internal belief systems to guide you toward deeper connection with what you want, and a clearer path to get there. We’ll integrate daily life tools for self-reflection and inspired action. As your coach, I provide a framework of consistent reinforcement to help anchor a new way to birth yourself into tomorrow.

This package includes 8, 1 hour long weekly coaching sessions, personalized materials to work on each week between sessions, and one weekly email check in, as needed, to support you through moments of shift that happen between meeting.  

8 week, 8 session package investment is $550.

When & Where

In Person / Skype / Phone

In person sessions are available in the Southern Oregon & Ashland/Medford area.

Very Flexible Scheduling

Evenings, weekends, and daytime hours available to accommodate your full life.

What Can I Learn?

Identify specific goals most relevant to your dream or vision.

Transition from one chapter of life to the next with grace.

Recover from heartbreak, plan a trip, create new healthy habits that stick.

Set powerful intentions that go above and beyond the soundbites we usually see and hear.

Get personalized daily rituals that are aligned with your truest self.

Gain personalized strategy and accountability.

Upgrade old, limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs. 

Transform confusion to clarity.

Cultivate life-long worthiness. 

Flourish into the soulful woman who has been keeping herself small.

Feel confident and joyful as a default, rather than a “sometimes.”.

Spread Out! Devise a plan to find supportive community and share your gifts with others.

Discover your radiant source and become a lighthouse to the other seafarers.


Who I Am

Finding a Life & Mindset Coach you can truly relate to is crucial. My name is Aubrey Sharp, and I'm a single, working mother with a now 17 year-old daughter. I deeply understand the fine balance and messy beauty of being an activated, awake woman and mother in today's wild world.

My daughter and I have been traveling the world together for many years. I've found that global travel and inward travel are grand companions! 

Read more about my own journey, my special approach to coaching, my qualifications and my unique travel planning services for women wanting to explore both inner and outer worlds of possibility.

Blessings! I hope to be of service to you soon!