My Approach


I meet you where you are and support you into a very powerful and sustaining shift through reclamation of your most important gifts, a deeper knowing and connection to self and the courage to move into your transformation.

If you are in the midst of a huge shift, about to embark on one or are thinking about taking that leap into making a decision(s) that will ultimately create a transitional time in your life, I am your coach!  

I have been taught by my beloved teachers, Maria Connolly and Nando Raynolds through the Institute for Professional Leadership to skillfully and empathetically deliver time tested techniques of Life in Balance coaching and Neuro-linguistic Programming processes and tools.  

NLP is highly effective and is used by many of the world’s greatest thought leaders, coaches and healers.

As your coach, I use NLP techniques to understand precisely what makes you tick and use specific, individualized language tailored for you to help you achieve your goals.  

Why use NLP in coaching?


This studied method works very quickly and effectively! It gives very powerful insight into how you create your own values, beliefs and emotions, with a deep understanding of how these form your internal map of the world.  It helps me to understand you on a deep and empathic level, where you feel heard, felt and seen while offering you tools to create lasting change that's well aligned with your life and goals.


What shapes me + More of who I am


Besides being a Certified Life Coach and Master NLP practitioner, I also hold a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology. I studied ethnography in depth, which is the anthropologists’ method of storytelling.  I have a deep fascination with folklore and storytelling spanning cultures around the world and I bring that wisdom into my coaching.  

I  worked in the non profit sector for 7 years with vulnerable youth and family populations helping them to bridge their experiences into opportunities through resiliency.   

I also worked as a Social Ecology and Public Policy consultant in my community to provide local lawmakers information on residents' common values regarding their ownership of place and identity.

I have found it extremely valuable and important to find ways to give back in any way to my community and the global community at any opportunity I get.  I've been involved in small community projects and some larger ones, including:

  • Hurricane Katrina clean up volunteer in New Orleans

  • Guatemala – Long Way Home Volunteer, assisted in garbage management and alternative building methods for a vocational school in a rural Mayan village

  • Teaching English in Cambodia to youth and to an immigrant population in Oregon.


What are some potential benefits of my coaching approach?

Identify Your North Star(s) aka Core values.

Identify specific goals most relevant to your dream or vision.

Set powerful intentions that go above and beyond the soundbites we usually see and hear.

Understand the important difference between goals and intentions, and use that understanding to help you move forward.

Upgrade old, limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs. Create your own Path to Freedom!

Learn to easily and wholly transform confusion to clarity.   

Cultivate life-long worthiness. Begin to understand how your ability far exceeds what you’ve previously believed and learn to lean into one’s gifts.

Recover from heartbreak, plan a trip, create new healthy habits to replace old ones that no longer (or never) serve you.    

Feel confident and joyful as a default, rather than a “sometimes.”

Discover one’s own radiant source. Become a lighthouse to the other seafarers.


Trainings & Credentials

  • Certified Master Neuro- Linguistic Practitioner (Institute of Professional Leadership)  

  • Certified Life-in-Balance Life Coach (Institute of Professional Leadership)

  • Art of Storytelling Course (Lindagail & Associates, NLP Pacific, NLP Institute of Oregon)

  • Embodied Leadership & Somatic Coaching (Maria Connolly)

  • B.S. Cultural Anthropology (Southern Oregon University)

  • 8 years assisting female entrepreneurs & families with organization, problem-solving, 

  • 7 years in NGO social work: Empowerment & Advocacy for homeless youth & veterans, early childhood intervention, pregnancy/teen pregnancy, parenting, family life. My work included deep work in goal setting, accountability and celebrating the little accomplishments

  • Social Ecology & Public Policy Consultant: Consulted on themes of community interaction as an eco-system, and understanding different archetypes in communities/tribes

  • Many research and resource development projects, local government and leadership involvement.

  • Volunteer: NOLA, Hurricane Katrina Relief Volunteer

  • Volunteer: Guatamala, Assisted in implementation of earth-friendly building methods

  • English teacher: Cambodia, currently to local Hispanic community of Southern Oregon

  • Deep study of global cultures & the Art of Storytelling via extensive world travel.