True North Exercise: Discovering Your Values

How Our Values Guide Our Actions

In our world full of distractions, beeps and multi-tasking, aligning our day according to our values is more important than ever. Why is it important? Because it allows us to access more energy and more connection with ourselves and the world around us. From that place od deep connection,  we can begin to move out of the question “is this it?” and into a knowing that looks around and says, “wow, this is my life and it is so meaningful.”  

Aligning ourselves with our values requires us to take full responsibility for our lives, make a commitment and sometimes make sacrifices that are challenging but in your gut, you know are necessary for your greater vision. Are you ready to truly flourish? If so, this article is for you!

The Importance of Values

Taking the time to really name and define our values is important because our values are what create our goals. Our goals inform our actions and those actions produce results that come full circle to support our values.  

Whether we notice it or not, our values are what we invest our time, energy and resources on. When we know our values, we're much more attuned as to whether our behaviors are supporting our greatest needs. When we’re living a life aligned with our values, we're in touch with our authentic selves.   

An Exercise in Naming Your Values

Below, we will take a guided trip to discover your values, your true “North Star.”  The best way to tune into this is by getting yourself to a peak experience you've had in your life. Think of an experience where you felt in all your being; this is it, how amazing is my life that I am here right now. 

Let’s do this uninhibited and non-judgmentally so that we can really find clarity on what creates ultimate harmony and flow in your life.  

Think about this peak moment or experience for a few minutes and write some details down. Use these questions to guide you:

When did this experience happen?  

What do you see?

What was it like outside and in your surroundings?

Who were you with?

What was your body feeling?

Do you hear anything?

Now, think of another peak experience and ask the same questions. Write down any themes that you are noticing.  

Pay a lot of attention to the values that keep showing up.  Example values might be: integrity, justice, beauty, adventure, resourcefulness, connection with self or others, respect for the Earth, nature.

You can repeat this peak experience exercise several times for ultimate clarity. There are no right words here so whatever you feel, write it and own it!

Narrow down the values you’ve discovered to about 4 or 5 that feel most important and prevalent. Then, let’s dig even deeper...

What activities do I do daily that support these values?

What are some things that I say, “oh, I don’t have enough time for that” but would be fulfilling my values?

Where do I spend most of my focus in life?

Why do I think that is?

Are there some new agreements I would like to make with myself / my community to breathe more life into my values?

What support do I feel like I need?

What else have I learned in this True North Discovery Project?

These are all questions I can help you to fully answer and understand as your coach. My strong value of connection is what draws me to want to work with women to create a more interdependent and connected world.

I can help you use this information from learning your values to create a strategic and personalized plan for achieving the outcomes you truly want in your life. I offer a 30 minute free consultation and would be honored to explore how we could work together.  


Aubrey Sharp