Complimentary Discovery Session



During this free & complimentary session, we’ll discover one area in your life where you are wanting to create change and make a simple plan to integrate a new intention into your daily ritual.    

Once you identify burn-out or parts of your experience that are holding you back from feeling fulfilled and confident in life, you have an opportunity to tune into your inner wisdom. In a deeply respectful partnership of coach/client, we’ll dig into the unconscious patterns of limiting beliefs and explore blockages that are preventing the flourishing of your visions. From there, I provide tangible guidance and a concise, strategic life map for forward movement in your goals.  

When & Where

In Person / Skype / Phone

In person sessions are available in the Southern Oregon & Ashland/Medford area.

Very Flexible Scheduling

Evenings, weekends, and daytime hours available to accommodate your full life.

What Can I Learn?

Identify specific goals most relevant to your dream or vision.

Set powerful intentions that go above and beyond the wellness soundbites we usually see and hear.

Get a personalized strategy, aligned with your deepest desires.

Transform confusion to clarity.

Discover your radiant source and become a lighthouse to the other seafarers.


Who I Am

Hello! I am Aubrey Sharp- mother, traveler, deep woman. My daughter and I have been traveling the world together for many years. I've found that global travel and inward travel are grand companions! 

I've always strived to balance stability with deep adventure & meaningful connection, wisdom with vulnerability. My coaching practice grew straight out of a deep call to live life authentically through many ups and downs. 

Read more about my journey, my special approach to coaching and my credentials. You can also read more about our adventures and how I can help you plan amazing global travel, no matter your circumstances.