Who Am I?


Hello Courageous Woman; I’m Aubrey!

I'm so grateful you've found me because I work with women just like you who want to dig deep and uncover the hidden gems the world is patiently waiting for you to share.

I am here to provide you with skilled guidance, loving reinforcement, and a compass to navigate the unfolding of the next leg of your journey.

I believe in you as you gather your courage to anchor new ways of being and create new and exciting endeavors for your future.  

I'm a transformational life coach that provides you with clarity to know what you want, the courage and skills to guide you to fruition of your dreams and aspirations. Most importantly, I'll help you brighten that light of self love and self compassion so that you feel ready to step out with your fancy self and make it all happen.    

How do I know how to do this?  

I spent many years working in the non-profit world and coming home to the full time job of single mothering. I reached a point in my life where I felt numb inside and chose unhealthy coping mechanisms.

I finally reached the dreaded burn-out so many of us do when we keep going because we don’t know where else to go.  

Through this experience and an excruciating break up, I began to diligently seek tools and guidance from coaches, my therapist and teachers to create a life I did not have to be numb from anymore.  

I became skillful in self-exploration, and came face to face with my own, inner-enemies of low self-worth, hiding out and staying small.

I've emerged from those years with an effective, robust process of growth that moves beyond outmoded patterns and has led to a richer life with more positive impact to the people and world around me.

I've learned to fill my life with hobbies that fill my heart, people that I deeply connect with and work that reflects my values of connection, learning and giving back to the world around me.  

The journey to connection starts by touching into our own self- compassion and searching out the gifts folded into any circumstance.

Once we find them, we can put them to work, in service to our deepest passion and the world's greatest needs.

As more and more women answer their deeper calling, the world will shift into greater harmony, justice and peace. I want to live in this world, don’t you?

Inner work, daily rituals and creating meaningful connections with yourself and the world around you will create lasting and impactful change for you to grow into all that's awaiting you.   

Let's begin our journey together with a mapped out strategy, quality state of mind, and ownership of your beautiful, unfolding story.