Aubrey Sharp





Coaching for Women in Transition. 




Times of transition provide a rich opportunity to face the shadowy parts of ourselves we most fear. By turning toward those parts of ourselves that we deem fragile and unworthy, we can step into our truest power along our own Heroine’s Journey. 

Our wholeness is not found in perfecting ourselves, but in piecing back together our brokenness- the places in us that shattered along the way.

Life predictably delivers us difficulties. Changes and even entire chapters that can be deeply challenging to navigate. I know this feeling well. I've walked that edge many times.  

I'm devoted to listening deeply to women’s stories of transition, and to helping them build the right vessel to carry them through the messy, confusing middle-space of transformation. 

I create personalized, actionable roadmaps to help each woman move through big, long, or even short life-changes and courageously become who their heart most desires to be.



is the skeleton key to
~ Dr. Clarissa Pinkola-Estes


Praise for Aubrey

"Aubrey has an amazing grasp on the human spirit, and she has walked the talk. That, combined with extensive professional training in some of the most cutting edge techniques for moving beyond our limiting beliefs makes her an excellent choice for those who really just need to step into their own light, but haven't been able to." -avy


The Seeds are
already there

patiently awaiting fulfillment.




There is a certain kind of seed that hides out for years on visibly fertile ground.

Only after a fire rages through, bringing a forest to its knees, do these seeds- survivors through and through- suddenly decide to sprout.

In our lives as women, so often we show up for our responsibilities, our families, our passions even...and yet, something still yearns to be burned.

Our systems and rituals of support have been stymied. Yet the ancient legacy of women helping women continues.

I help women discover how to move forth after the fire. To go a step beyond even thriving, and truly flourish.

Let’s begin our journey together of uncovering your dormant seeds, exploring your deep roots and rewriting your story of integration and transformation.